AsurA MotoZaaa ADV150 Sporty Front Side Fairings – 2pcs Cover Sets



Honda ADV150 BodyKit


Fitment for: Honda ADV150
Product: Sporty Front Side Fairings
Items: 3pcs Front Faring – 1 Left and 1 Right pcs all with custom color painted. 
Installation Instructions: PnP – Plug & Play
Material: High Quality ABS Polymers Injection Molded. 
Color: ADV150 Factory Color or Customized Color based on your order. 


  • #HondaADV150 Winner of the Adventure Category “H2C MOTORBIKE IDEA CHALLENGE 2019” at #MotorExpor2019
  • No More Dull looking. Our BodyKit will transform your ordinary looking ADV150 to a specially crafted and customized competition quality showcase model. 
  • Designer’s Ride. Designed and manufactured by AsurA MotoZaaa a multiple Winner at Motorcycle Challenge and various  Competition events.
  • Dream Theme. Able to be used for any Themes of your preference that will exceed your imagination and your Team of Riders. 
  • Form and Functional. Not only looks cool and pimped-out your Ride, can be used as your daily workhorse to get around ADVenture Bike. 
  • Stand-Out Among the Crowd. Not the Same anymore, Stand-Out and Shine from the rest of the competition when you go for Rides, Meetings or any Bike Events. 


About the manufacturer:
Based in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, AsurA MotoZaaa Bodykit is made of High Quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polymers composite materials that are produced by injection molding process in an advance factory with High Precision manufacturing procedures. AzurA MotoZaaa Factory3A produces wide range of Custom After-Market Performance Parts parts for many Motorcycle brands and other Automotive vehicles brands.  



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