#MaeHongSon 1864 Corners – Day 3.3 – Entering to Bangkok City from Samut Songkhram

Day 3.3 – After 2 days of rain, 1,500km later, ended with a big achievement, first time riding that far, right into the heart of #Bangkok. Having a hard time getting into Bangkok city because the highway from ‘Samut Songkhram Samut Sakorn Bangkok‘ were having major roadworks rebuilding and the road surface were pretty bad.

Thailand is the “Land of the Giants” – Huge Cars, Pick-Ups, Lorries, Trucks, Buses, Mega Trailers.
Watch the video where SteamRoller came out of nowhere, right in front of the Petrol Station, if not for #TRK502X 19″ front wheel and the Semi-Off Road tires, it will be a difficult to get out of that tarmac ditch.

Entered Bangkok City and we were being welcomed by fellow Tuk-Tuk Riders , so rempit a bit.

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