#MaeHongSon 1864 Corners – Day 2.1 – Heavy Rain Again

DAY 2.1 – Right after riding out from HatYai Town, heavens poured down all the rain again.

Comfortable while I take refuge at PTT, see cars passing by and shooing cars away if wanna pump. Be a local Pump Security Guy at this abandoned Gas Station. Should have brought my cooking set and fire up some coffee and lunch. 🙏😹 Stranded at PTT บางแก้ว Ban Khok Sak

Tied and fasten a 3L Camel WaterPac. Must stay hydrated when we are on the road.
That’s the Tire Gauge Sensor which could tell me if anything goes wrong with the Front or Rear Tires. #TRK502X still uses Tube inside the Metzeler Tourance tires.
Found a chair nearby, at least gave me some comfort for a while.
Shoes all wet. Everything all wet yet again. 🙁

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