#MaeHongSon 1864 Corners – Day 1.1 – Totally Rained Out in Kedah

Modifications Done on Panniers

Before we could even get to the Thai Border, the sky opens up and kept pouring for the entire journey. We were all wet, our gloves were wet, helmet wet, boots wet, clothes all wet. Luckily my New Xiaomi Mi9T Smartphone still works! It never was advertised with waterproof ratings but everything still works after going through a rain storm.

Another 88km to go, should be another hour ride. We got to carry on if not, we will miss the Hotel that we booked in HatYai and got to stay at the Border. Usually I don’t book any Hotels during a long distance Road Trip, as we will never know what to expect along the way. Mainly due to bad weather which will set us back.
This isn’t my first time riding the #TRK502X and cross the Border to Thailand. Have done a maiden voyage back couple of months ago before this November long trip which could estimate about minimum 2 weeks On-The-Road travels.
In the middle is my New “MindShift” 36L BackLight Photo Daypack for me to store all my Camera gears. There’s a Mono-Tripod sticking out.
What more can I say? This #MindShift 36L Photo Daypack really holds everything together and kept everything inside dry even after heavy down pour. The raincoat do comes with the bag and it does repel all the rain water away without any issues. Just got to make sure the bottom of the bag is dry or best to have its original huge plastic bag to be covered before we put on the raincoat. By doing so, it will divert the rain water away.
When we are out riding an Adventure Bike, it’s important to make sure all the items we want to carry are fasten properly so that stuff won’t just drop on the highway or fly away while we travel at high speed. Do get some good quality bungee cords and start to loop it around the bags and stuff. If you start o notice, I have done some modifications to all 3 Pannier Boxes with a Belting System to mount waterproof bags on the top covers, plus a Gas Jerry Can on the Top Box. Will do some How-To’s Videos for each of the Modifications. Not forgetting some Relay Wiring System with some Loud Car Horns too.

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